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Full-on Fair-dinkum or Forget it!

It was over 40 years ago since Trevor left home to play music – simply for the love of it.

Making his life’s work music and playing drums with some of Australia’s most inspiring musicians, it was time to complete some of my songs, straight from the heart.

Resulting in the release of my first C.D. – ‘some drummer’ 

He started playing in the mid 1960's with Blacksies Babies and sometimes found him-self playing with two or three different bands in any one week.

After a time playing with Chain he joined Blackfeather, he then Joined up with Lobby Loyde, and the Coloured Balls it was a great challenge and experience. More...

Cover of some drummer

some drummer

Launch of Trevor Young's original songs

Making my life’s work music and playing drums with some of Australia’s most inspiring musicians - it was time to complete some of my songs, straight from my heart. 

This is my first solo offering with more to come, please enjoy. More..

Cover of Series OneSeries 1 - Seasons of Change

Live Australian music at its best

The first live DVD and CD that captures some of our most creative and original musicians at play.

Featuring Sam See, Glyn Mason, Spectrum, Bob Spencer, Kerri Simpson, Forever Young Music and more…performing new and original material. Filmed and recorded live for musicians and music lovers everywhere. More...